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Art for Educators: Summer Studio Workshops 2023

Explore a variety of book arts techniques including accordion books, flag books, and star books. We will begin with a pamphlet stitched book and progress to more advanced structures. All materials will be provided, but participants are encouraged to bring source material if they would like to include it in their work. Small images, stickers, stamps found objects, ephemera, etc.

June 12 9AM -5PM; June 13 9AM -5PM; June 14 9AM -5PM

Janet Reynolds

You will be introduced to a fully equipped woodshop facility. All of your creations will be fabricated in wood. The goal of this workshop is to teach you how to properly and safely use all the tools within the UHCL Sculpture woodshop. We will be learning to fabricate a basic box and frame forms. Examples of projects will be wall/floor pedestals, boxed drawing/painting panels, frames, and canvas stretchers.

July 24 9AM -5PM; July 25 9AM -5PM; July 26 9AM -5PM

Jason Makepeace

Dive into analogue photography by exploring one of the oldest photographic processes, the Cyanotype. During this workshop students will produce hand-made photographic prints rendered in beautiful shades of blue that characterize this historic process. The workshop will walk students through the entire cyanotype process, digitally printing negatives from image files, hand-coating paper with cyanotype chemistry, and exposing that paper to light. Students will also learn the studio workflow necessary to produce these prints on their own and develop ideas to adapt this process to a classroom setting.

July 24 9AM -5PM; July 25 9AM -5PM; July 26 9AM -5PM

Daniel Kraus