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TEA Admission Fee (2018-2019)

$57 Advanced certificate program admission fee for Texas Education Agency (TEA). TEA collects this fee from UHCL for maintenance of my TEA website account.

Texas Education Agency (TEA) requires all educator preparation programs to collect a $57 fee from each new candidate entering a teacher or advanced certification program in Texas. UHCL forwards the fee to TEA and TEA uses it to create and monitor your TEAL (TEA Login) account at the TEA website.

Fee is nonrefundable.

"I am applying for admission into one of the following programs: Principal, Reading Specialist, School Counselor, School Librarian, Superintendent or Master Teacher. I understand that if I am applying for more than 1 program/certificate, I must pay the $57.00 TEA fee for each program."

For questions, contact the COE Certification Office at 281-283-3618, or

Code: 17TEA05


  • 57.00
  • Seats Available: 9987 of 9999
  • Fee Only
  • Center for Educational Programs
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