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Winter Series 2019!

What does the pirate Jean Lafitte have in common with China and man landing on the Moon? This unusual relationship in history is part of what makes our area what it is today. We will relive some of the events that are a unique part of our Clear Lake history. You will be surprised to learn of some of the locations that you can visit in the area to get the feel of what happened to our early settlers. Come and have a look at some old maps and photographs for a complete visual learning experience. (Your first class includes a $26 membership fee, and $18 class fee ($44 total.) Each additional class will be $18 ($44 list price with a $26 discount applied at checkout.)

February 8 9am

  • 44.00
  • 30 / 40
  • Bayou 1335
  • Friday Morning Continuing Education
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