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Winter Series 2019!

In this session we'll apply social psychology to supervillains and ask such questions as "What makes Supervillains aggressive?", "Do Supervillains have high or low self-esteem?", and "How can Supervillians justify their actions?" By answering these questions about Supervillains, we will hopefully learn a bit more about the world around us. This is a requested follow-up to the fascinating session on Superheroes. No need to have attended the Superhero class to enjoy learning about Supervillains! (Your first class includes a $26 membership fee, and $18 class fee ($44 total.) Each additional class will be $18 ($44 list price with a $26 discount applied at checkout.)

March 1 11am

  • 44.00
  • 34 / 40
  • Bayou
  • Friday Morning Continuing Education
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