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Kids U - Summer 2021: Literacy Academy Camp

Students will use their close reading skills to improve their abilities in inferencing and using deductive reasoning by learning to solve a variety of mysteries, logic puzzles, and strategy games.  The class will focus on reading short stories, playing hands-on mystery games (like Clue), and completing logic and critical thinking puzzles to help students learn about the clues authors use in order to get messages across to their readers.


If you need directions, please go to: Please park in Visitor Parking, Lot G; meter fees will be waived. Do not park in Faculty or Staff spaces. If you will be staying past the drop off and pick up times, please obtain a parking permit from the CEP office.

12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Event Schedule

  • 129.00
  • Seats Available: 12 of 12
  • Arbor - 1310.09
  • Center for Educational Programs
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