EHS - Temporary Food Permits

Environmental, Health and Safety - Permit Requests

Student Organizations hosting events with food will need to submit a Temporary Food & Special Events Permit Request Form for Student Organizations with the Student Life Office at least 14 calendar days prior to the event. The Temporary Food & Special Events Permit is valid for only the dates listed.

In addition to the Temporary Food & Special Events Permit Request, Student Organizations that plan to use any open flame including: barbecue pits, reheating, hot holding devices (including sterno fuels), or candles will need to request an Open Flame Permit from the Fire Marshall's Office. Student Organizations that plan on using outside caterers or contractors shall only use establishments in possession of a valid Health Permit from an adjoining City, County, or the State of Texas and a Certified Food Service Manager's Certification. When purchasing food from a caterer/contractor using University funds, some restaurants may be required to complete a Certificate of Insurance.