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Tuition and fees are based on one credit hour of class. The majority of classes represent a total of three (3) semester hours. Select the number of credit hours you intend to take for the semester of enrollment.

You can find out how many credits your classes are worth using the Class Search Tool. When you have found your class, click on the class number to find a detailed description of the class and the number of "units". Units are the same as credit hours. If a class is 3 units, it is 3 credit hours.

Fixed Tuition - The Fixed Rate Tuition Plan is available only to undergraduate students (both First-Time in College and Transfer Students), admitted to and enrolled in a degree-granting course of study at University of Houston - Clear Lake. The plan is available to resident and non-resident undergraduate students and will provide students a fixed rate tuition per semester credit hour (SCH) during the term of their agreement with UHCL. The fixed rate tuition does not include any mandatory fees or course fees. Fixed Tuition calculation may vary slightly as tuition is calculated upon tuition rates only and fees are calculated on the current semester of attendance. Some fees such as parking fees are not included in this calculation. Students must opt-in for the Fixed Tuition plan. For more information on Fixed Rate Tuition Plans at UHCL, see Fixed Rate Tuition and Fees for Undergraduate Students Only.

Variable - If not enrolled in a fixed tuition plan, select Variable tuition for general tuition calculation.

For Variable Tuition, select the appropriate semester of enrollment to calculate the tuition for the given semester. If enrolled in a fixed tuition plan, select the first year of attendance for the appropriate fall semester

Academic Program by College



Human Sciences and Humanities

Science and Engineering

Each school maintains separate fees based on their academic plans. Fees originating from individual schools are not applicable when enrolled in a fixed tuition plan, instead fees are the same for all schools.

Residence eligibility

To be considered a resident for tuition purposes, you must have an eligible legal status and be gainfully employed in Texas 12 consecutive months prior to enrollment in an institution of higher education. If you are basing your claim to residency on a parent or spouse, they must have met the same requirements and claim you as a dependent for tax purposes, both the year of enrollment and the previous tax year.

Additional Rules and waivers

There are additional rules and opportunities for waivers. To view the entire list of rules and exceptions, go to the College For All Texans Residency Information page.

Texas High School Graduates or GED Recipients

You may qualify for Texas residency if you meet the following:

  • Lived in Texas the past 12 months, and
  • Lived in Texas three years leading up to graduation from a Texas public or private accredited high school or three years prior to receiving your GED in Texas.

Any individual wishing to qualify under this provision who is not a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident of the United States must complete and be eligible to certify and submit an Affidavit of Intent in addition to the Core Residency Questions.

For more information on residence eligibility, see Qualifying for resident tuition.

Degree Plans are primarily based on Undergraduate and Graduate Plans for most Colleges. The College of Education is proud to offer a Doctorate Degree plan for Graduate Students.

When selecting schools other than the College of Education, Doctorate Plans will not apply.

For questions about tuition and fees, please contact Student Business Services at SBS@uhcl.edu or 281-283-2170.

For assistance with this tool or to report broken links, please contact SupportCenter@uhcl.edu or 281-283-2828.

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The majority of classes represent a total of three (3) semester hours.

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