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Transfer Credit Guide

Welcome to the University of Houston-Clear Lake online transfer guide! The Transfer Credit Guide is designed to assist you with determining how courses completed at other institutions will transfer to UHCL. It can be used to create a report that summarizes course equivalencies currently found in our database or to request equivalencies for courses that have not yet been evaluated. This is the same information used to award credit to transfer students. Once a report is completed, it may be submitted to the Office of Admissions to request a review of course work where no UHCL equivalency was found. This site also contains frequently asked questions and user documentation information to assist you with any questions you may have.

Note: If you do not find results for a specific course. See HELP button below.

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You may print a copy of your completed course equivalencies for your records. However, if there is a transfer course(s) that did not display a UHCL equivalency, please click the Email button, under the My Report section. This will send a request to the Office of Admissions to review the requested course for a possible equivalency.

A response to your request will be provided within three business days. Please note: This is not an official degree plan. You will receive an official degree plan from your advisor, after being admitted to the university.

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